Boat tour with me    

A guided boat tour driven by me gives you insight into the wonderful world of Lake Tisza.
A life being extremely rich in birds and plants meets your nature-loving eyes.

"Cemetery is the Tisza, when blossoming, millions of small butterflies play over its water………”

’Photo-tours’ leaded by me (when blooming as well) all year round moreover company's individual
needs are met according top pre-arrangement.

„Videó film”      
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On exciting excursions as closely as possible can you admire the variety of flora and fauna of the lake.
You can also capture snapshots or make movies as favorites.

Due to my hiking tracks, the most beautiful places in the lake are visited through tacking paths.

My tours are guided beside spots coloured by the most beautiful water-plants to lead,
and where the majority of bird species might be seen.

You can gain an insight into the Tisza Lake "bird sanctuary" opposite the Szabics-harbor through

"Tisza flower-trail" and „Poroszló and the Water- and nature-trail"


Upon prior arrangement the tour can be connected with lunch,
which can be enjoyed in restaurants at various points around the lake.
As for the length, the route and timing of the tour, I can shoulder them after pre-arrangement.
I hope you will make use of my help in discovering adventurous routes of this romantic lake.


For further information:             For more information, just e-mail